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Trick or Treat Yo' Self - A Holographic Halloween

This post is a throwback to my 2020 Holographic Halloween Party. I have updated the links to ensure they'll send you to current product options.

Holographic Halloween DIY Party

Inclusivity Statement: Regardless of your identity, you are welcome in this space. You don’t have to look like me, think like me, or be in the same phase of life as me to belong here. I am a proud mama, but I am also many other things: a wife, a sister, a daughter, a writer, an artist, and who knows what else. In this space, the only requirement is that we recognize that we are never done growing up, never done learning, and that there are no limits to who and what we can be.

As we enter the 2020 holiday season, I think we all (more than usual) deserve a bit of indulgence. With a lack of trick or treating in many cities this year, take your Halloween celebration indoors with this sugary sweet Trick or Treat Yo' Self-themed party!

Holographic Halloween DIY Party

These sprinkle-rimmed milk glasses were a last-minute decision and they turned out to be my absolute favorite part of the party! To adhere the sprinkles I made a simple frosting from powdered sugar and milk. You want the frosting to be really thick so that it doesn't drizzle down your glasses so you literally need to add in your milk drops at a time. I added too much milk (maybe a couple tablespoons) and ended up having to add LOTS of powdered sugar to make it thick enough and then I had way more than I needed.

Once your frosting is nice and thick, dip the rim of your glass into it, and then into a small bowl of your sprinkles. I chose to remove the extra large dragees from the mix before I dipped my glasses because I didn't think they would adhere to the glass very securely.

These yummy drinks were just strawberry milk (Natalie's new favorite) and scary skull ice cubes made from vanilla ice cream. I guess these are more of a dessert than a drink but they were a hit for sure!

Holographic Halloween DIY Party

Holographic Halloween Shopping Links

How can you have a Trick or Treat Yo Self party without all the yummy desserts? We had black chocolate tie-dye cake, Oreo pudding pie, and chocolate-filled cookie sandwiches on the menu. Click the links for the full recipes!

Keep Growing,


All photos taken by Paula Ward Photography


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